I love my Christian school!

Christian schools are wonderful faith-filled communities, where children are cared for and thrive.

Activists are working tirelessly to misrepresent Christian schools and stop them from influencing the next generation for Christ.

They will not stop. They oppose biblical truth.

People like you who are, or have been, the beneficiaries of Christian schooling should speak up now to defend Christian schools. If you don’t, the mission of Christian schools could be thwarted. They may even be shut down.

You have the right to choose an education for your child that reflects your Christian beliefs. This is a key part of the right to freedom of religion that is enshrined in international law.

If you, your child, or grandchild has had a positive experience at a Christian school – recently or in the past – please share a few words to say so.

Thank you for standing up for our Christian schools!

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My four children and an in-law child have attended Northside Christian College (all are adults now). As a parent, being involved with the schools sporting events, training the students and being involved with their families, it was a safe and enjoyable time. The education system is relevant to our society today. We acknowledge the Creator Spirit within the school and in our daily lives. Terry W. Northside Christian College Everton Park QLD

The school taught wonderful life-skills for young people and these great modes of living are based on Christianity, as is the way of life we have here in Australia thus far, which our forefathers fought for as well. Respect, courage, love for others, great work ethic-all worth living and life-giving for all people. Thank you Sue B. Mackay Christian College North Mackay QLD

Chairo was a good choice for our children. They were taught well by good teachers who cared about them. The atmosphere in the school was positive. It was an environment as free from bullying and intimidation as I could imagine. I taught there for 11 years when the school commenced a secondary section. Chairo was a good school to work at and I enjoyed my interactions with students and their parents as well as my colleagues. It's been an important contributor to the West Gippsland community. Stephen G. Chairo Christian School Drouin VIC

We have loved having the children attend and working in a caring Christian environment, where our faith can be lived out and shared. The staff are genuine, loving and accepting. Educating this next generation of adults, with a biblical worldview, grows adults with a real "love" for our fellow humans. Love is patient, kind, does not envy, keeps no record of wrong, is not rude...etc Andrew I. Bundaberg Christian College Bundaberg QLD

Both our children have attended Christian schools. The quality of academic and christian education is high. The school has offered excellent parent teacher communication throughout the years and has set up our son for success. Reinaldo A. Good Samaritan Catholic College Hinchinbrook NSW

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