I love my Christian school!

Christian schools are wonderful faith-filled communities, where children are cared for and thrive.

Activists are working tirelessly to misrepresent Christian schools and stop them from influencing the next generation for Christ.

They will not stop. They oppose biblical truth.

People like you who are, or have been, the beneficiaries of Christian schooling should speak up now to defend Christian schools. If you don’t, the mission of Christian schools could be thwarted. They may even be shut down.

You have the right to choose an education for your child that reflects your Christian beliefs. This is a key part of the right to freedom of religion that is enshrined in international law.

If you, your child, or grandchild has had a positive experience at a Christian school – recently or in the past – please share a few words to say so.

Thank you for standing up for our Christian schools!

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Apart from the influence of family, there has been nothing more beneficial to my children's upbringing than Christian education. They all attended good public schools for some time then changed. The difference and benefits of an education due to the influence of Christian teachers and a Biblical world view gave them far more than the state mandated curriculum could ever give. These benefits came at a school which is listed as a lower socioeconomic school. Money didn’t provide the benefits, the Christian ethos carried by the staff however did. There is nothing to a child up better for life than this. Wayne D. Heritage Christian School Port Macquarie NSW

Our school is not just a place of great education and opportunities, it is a real community that demonstrates love and care for all of its students, from and between the teachers and staff. My family has greatly benefitted from the school in terms of support in their education, confidence in life, and being prepared and hopeful for the future. Timothy M. Bundaberg Christian College Bundaberg QLD

Both my children are in junior school at Redlands College. The things that make me feel confident about the education they're receiving are the daily prayers and Bible devotions supported by teachers who share those beliefs and values. The school’s slogan is “Christ-centred education”, which is demonstrated in values such as care for the community, encouraging students to align decisions with Biblical principles and caring for the whole child. A wonderful supportive community with a focus on Christian Living. Janique E. Redlands College Wellington Point QLD

I taught as a teacher at St Patrick's College, Launceston as well as at public high schools and the pastoral care for individuals there stood out in comparison. Christian schools are real family orientated communities that seek to do good and look out for each other especially the vulnerable as Jesus has taught us. They also teach social justice and care for the poor in practical ways. This is non-existent in public schools. Ivona W. St Patrick's College Prospect Vale TAS

Beautiful caring teachers who care about others' spiritual life. Teachers have the time to sit and listen to students cares. janette t. Wollondilly Anglican College Tahmoor NSW

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