I love my Christian school!

Christian schools are wonderful faith-filled communities, where children are cared for and thrive.

Activists are working tirelessly to misrepresent Christian schools and stop them from influencing the next generation for Christ.

They will not stop. They oppose biblical truth.

People like you who are, or have been, the beneficiaries of Christian schooling should speak up now to defend Christian schools. If you don’t, the mission of Christian schools could be thwarted. They may even be shut down.

You have the right to choose an education for your child that reflects your Christian beliefs. This is a key part of the right to freedom of religion that is enshrined in international law.

If you, your child, or grandchild has had a positive experience at a Christian school – recently or in the past – please share a few words to say so.

Thank you for standing up for our Christian schools!

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Our children received excellent education at these schools and went on to obtain degrees and jobs in their chosen profession. Besides this they were treated and celebrated as individuals and genuinely cared for. They were encouraged to use their gifts and in their faith. School was an extension of the values we held in our home. They were taught to be good citizens. Maureen G. Sunrise Christian School Fullarton Fullarton SA

I love Citipointe. I spent my year 9 to year 12 in Citipointe. It's an awesome school with lots of support for international student like me. The teachers were caring and helpful that in my teenage years, I raised a lot of questions about God, faith and sufferings, the teachers so patiently explaining to me their understandings based on the Bible, steering me to think deeply about those questions, encouraging me to explore answers from different sources, and helping me analyze. Emily . Citipointe Christian College Carindale QLD

My oldest two sons attended a Christian school, whose biblical beliefs helped shape their character to develop them into the fine young men they are today. The cost of private schooling is quite a sacrifice, and we cannot let our beliefs be diluted by governmental "woke" ideologies. Matthew R. Chairo Christian School - Traralgon Campus Traralgon VIC

Our Grandchildren are taught about the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, His sacrifice on the cross, the truth of the God's Word and applying it to their lives. Bible verses are taught as part of every child's curriculum and they are tested on it each week by loving, kind teachers that nurture. A very very positive experience in a world that has rejected the word of God, we stand firm on the foundation of Christian Schools, top marks for Toowoomba Christian College. Belinda R. Toowoomba Christian College Highfields QLD

I'm so grateful that I was able to attend a Christian school. I loved every minute of my Christian education and want the same for my own children. Christian schools are a valuable asset to society and should be able to teach things that are in line with their religious beliefs. It's only reasonable that they would expect students and parents to adhere. Janelle E. Dubbo Christian School Dubbo NSW

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