I love my Christian school!

Christian schools are wonderful faith-filled communities, where children are cared for and thrive.

Activists are working tirelessly to misrepresent Christian schools and stop them from influencing the next generation for Christ.

They will not stop. They oppose biblical truth.

People like you who are, or have been, the beneficiaries of Christian schooling should speak up now to defend Christian schools. If you don’t, the mission of Christian schools could be thwarted. They may even be shut down.

You have the right to choose an education for your child that reflects your Christian beliefs. This is a key part of the right to freedom of religion that is enshrined in international law.

If you, your child, or grandchild has had a positive experience at a Christian school – recently or in the past – please share a few words to say so.

Thank you for standing up for our Christian schools!

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Support Christian school values. Rose l. Donvale Christian College Donvale VIC

Comforting to know that the kids were in school with staff that share our values and worldview. Plus the bonus of being part of a network of Christians that attend different churches in the local area. Ian A. Berowra Christian School Berowra NSW

Our son attended Groves Christian College and we were very happy with the education he received. He has grown into a responsible member of our society. He is now married (with sons who are a real credit to his wife and him), has his own business, and is a good citizen in our community. We are proud of him. Graham L. Groves Christian College Kingston QLD

I believe that the Christian values in schools need to be protected. My two eldest children went to a Christian school and I would do it all again. Christian families have the right to keep God in their lives and in the lives of their families Sue L. Tyndale Christian School Salisbury East SA

I became a true believer in the value of Christ-centred non-denominational schooling for our 3 children when they were in Years 11 & 12 with a cohort of friends who were grappling with life’s existential questions while being supported by teachers who loved, guided & supported them with Biblical truth. Students graduated with a Christian conscience whether they wanted one or not. Joyce S. Calvin Christian School Kingston TAS

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